Colombian “chiva” buses

So I traveled to Colombia to take some pictures of the very cool buses that they have. These buses are called the “chiva” they are very artistic in color and are mainly used in rural areas.

I know your going to likes these photos!
As you can have guessed these were not taken in Colombia but rather in the backyard. I’m trying to make them realistic since one of the cards where less then 5″ and the other about 1″ inch.
These are the fist time that I do something like this, so any comments and help would be appreciated.


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Good-Bye Korea

Back home in the states I began to understand the art of being one with nature. As most of my pictures where of animals and nature. I learned how to follow and track birds as they swooped in and out to catch food. 

Bird in flight. #nikond3100 #nofilter #nature #beautiful #photography

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I began to see nature as a new world that we take for granted. There are things that if we just stop and look around we can see new and interesting things.

Now the story changes. I found a new love for photography again, this time with the genre of street photography and macro. I new how to capture an image that was the easy part. Just hold the camera to your eye and snap away, right? In the sense yes, that is correct. I just never took my camera off auto. I can only remember a handful of times when I placed it in one of the other settings. (A,S or M)

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little “extra.”

That word extra is the only thing that is different between the two words of ordinary and extraordinary. 

Thus, it is the same in photography. You have to add that but of extra to your images if you want them to be good. 

Maybe it’s that extra step to get that picture. Its’ that extra step to get up early to get those sunrise 🌅 pictures. That extra step of a different angle that you haven’t tried.

Now I’m not the best photographer but I am giving myself that extra time to make sure that I can be one day.

So, don’t give up on photography, it can be daunting and fun at the same time. So just stick with it and sooner rather than later you will get better.

If your new to photography then you have to wait for my next post where I’ll tell you how I got out of automatic into manual mode. 


Pour Your Heart Into IT

“Pour your heart into it!”

That sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it?

You know that when you get your new camera and say, “I’m going to take pictures all the time!” Or maybe your the one that had a camera for awhile now and stopped using it for quite some time now. You take a deep breath and say “wow” my old camera and you get that same feeling again that you had when you got it for the first time.

Well, this is true for all photographers out there new and even the old ones. This is something that can be very difficult for some of you. Either be work, family or just life doesn’t give you the chance to go out. Maybe this was a hobby and maybe it still is. 

Well there is always good news the camera is always going to be there for you. So this will always be a struggle unless this is your paid profession then this doesn’t really count for you.

Taking pictures are a fantastic way to preserve those memories that you see around you. Something that will catch your eye or something that you know you will never see again. 

What I recommend is for you to set up your own challenges when it comes to taking pictures. There are tons of ideas on the web or even on YouTube that can give you the ideas that you need to jump start with your hobby or future profession. 

There are ones that require you to shoot only in Black and White, take pictures of only shapes, pictures of cars…etc. You can even do odd images like taking pictures of floor patters or just pictures of bicycle wheels. Its up to you to come up with something to get started. A challenge is the best way to pump yourself and begin again.

Since Christmas just passed maybe Santa just gave you that drone that you always wanted. Well drone photography is virtually the same as your DSL or phone camera. You just have a new way of getting those images that you didn’t even know was out there. So now a new challenge, take your drone and DSL or phone and mix them up.


Winter in South Korea

So something exciting happened this week. As you can guess from the title it snowed how cool is this! Now this is nothing major but this is the first time that it really stuck and the snow was falling down pretty fast.

So I decided to take out the drone and camera to get a view of the snow from a bird’s view.

Also decided to create my first YouTube video. Follow the link to get a view.

Here are a few of the shots that I took from that day.

As always leave a comment and let me know what you think.🤔

Snow in the branches of the tree

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Photo Assignment

Hello my amazing readers.

So I would like to try something out and get more interaction with you. I would like for you to leave me a comment and tell me what kinds of photos you would like to see. 

The world is yours, but just don’t make these 
assignments to hard for me. LOL!



What does the world look like from above?

Well here I’ll showcase a series of photos showing how the world looks from that view.

Here is an image showing part of Ewha University’s campus. I don’t know too much information of this architecture but I can say that it’s wonderful to view in person but in the sky it’s a totally different story.


Ewha University

Fall is upon us!

It’s that time a year again here is Seoul when the trees begin to change from that wonderful vibrant green color, that tells you that Spring and Summer has finally arrived. To now a new tone that shows red, yellow and brown color that tells a different story. Autumn has arrived and soon the leaves will be bare and telling a new story of Winter.

What  do you think of Fall? Do you think it’s that magical or not? Let me hear your thoughts about this in the comment section below.


Welcome to my page!

I’m glad that you found your way here. Here on my site I will try my best to post the most interesting content that I can. I’ll share with you my camera set up *but not all the time. I want for you the reader and viewers of my images to try and come up with your own take on how it was done. That is photography, isn’t it? The experimentation is what makes someone good with practice too.

The images here will also be for sale either has a temporary or long term license for your website.
There will also be a license for you to purchase if you want to place this up in your business, company or home.

So, read on and enjoy.